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Weller & Co. law firm and notary, founded in 1965, and is one of the oldest and most respected boutique law firms in Israel. The firm specializes and provides legal advice and litigation in the fields of real estate, planning and construction law, tender law and administrative law, contract law, local authority law, accompaniment of infrastructure projects and environmental areas. Alongside this, the firm specializes and deals in the field of personal status, inheritances and wills, continuing power of attorney and guardianship, trusts, and the provision of notarial services.

Over the decades, the firm has accompanied and represented thousands of satisfied private clients, private and public companies, contractors, municipalities, regional and local councils, municipal corporations, banks, associations and more, while demonstrating excellent execution capabilities and demonstrating legal creativity. The firm makes sure to provide the services to each client in a professional, personal, reliable, direct and available manner, in accordance with a strategic plan that matches the client’s needs and desires, while setting goals and objectives, and achieving the best results for him.

Weller & Co. has been consistently ranked, also in 2022, by the Israeli ranking guide BDI Code as a leading law firm. The ranking of the firm reflects the firm position as a highly knowledgeable and professional law firm.

You are invited to be impressed by the firm’s team of lawyers, areas of expertise and activity, to ask and take an interest, and to join the clientele of our firm. Contact us.

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